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Par Story

In the late 1970s in the North Melbourne garage of Nonno Antonino Pappalardo, an immigrant from Floridia, Sicily, and his wife Concetta, a small home business was set up by their two sons, Paul and Joe. Working together, the Pappalardo family established Par Taps, with Paul, an established plumber, and Joe, a salesman in the bathroom industry, at the helm.


Par Taps officially kicked off business in 1980 and continues to grow every year and today is one of  Australia’s leading manufacturer and seller of high quality, designer tapware and accessories.


Paul and his younger brother Joe embarked on a journey that would create their own brand of tapware, marketed as Pardol (renamed as Par Taps in later years). Paul and Joe shared a passion for manufacturing products that were easy to install. They began manufacturing small items, three-piece tapware and outlets. They also started to import mixer tapware and showers from their father’s home of Italy.


It wasn’t long before they outgrew the garage, and bought their first factory in Bellevue Crescent, Preston.


Par Taps are the original creators of coloured tapware, which contained not only solid finishes like Chrome & Gold, but also powder coated and electroplating finishes with combination colours. It was a huge gamble, but it paid off. By the early 90s, Par Taps was at the forefront of tapware in Australia, and it remains there to this day!


Both Paul and Joe were able to retire early in 2004 and their legacy continues through the generations, with Paul’s own children now having bought the business and taking the reins. Since their retirement, the company has taken the colour palette and design portfolio to another level, as well as expanding OEM manufacturing around the country.


In 2018, Paul sadly passed over, aged 72, leaving the family devastated. But we know he would be pleased that in 2020, we are celebrating 40 years in business. He left a legacy behind, and we intend to honour that. Par Taps remains an Australian manufacturer, and this will never change. We keep employment in Australia, and in Melbourne as much as possible. We treasure and maintain the integrity and passion Paul has passed through the company.


With more than 17 ranges, 40 decorative finishes, stockist nationally and the old school service you can be reassured Par Taps is a pleasant addition to any bathroom or kitchen. We provide a customisation program allowing you to bring your own unique vision, sizes, colours and finishing preferences into your home.


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