Chrome 01

A true classic. Chrome has stood the testament of time and still remains an extremely popular finish today.

Brushed Chrome 02

This finish is one of the most fashionable looks available for modern homes. Brushed Chrome is sleek, modest and has textured brushing that stands out from other chrome styles. It is guaranteed to turn your bathroom, kitchen or laundry into a stylists dream.

Gold 11

This gorgeous 23 karat "authentic" gold finish adds a touch of class to any bathroom or kitchen that needs enrichment. These Gold fittings deliver a modern and comfortable element to any space and adds a stylish and practical accessory.

Brushed Gold 12

This modern, stylish, 23 karat Brushed Gold finish adds warmth, character and a modern edge to any bathroom, kitchen or laundry space. Perfectly matching with raw and polished timber as well as tiles, and most paint colours, these Brushed Gold fittings are a great option – a hardy finish that will not patina.

Brushed Brass Gold 19

This Brushed Brass Gold option is less intense and lighter in colour than other 23 karat Gold fittings. This lighter shade is fast-becoming one of our most popular colours for tapware. Offering a delicate, and stylish finish, Brushed Brass Gold is a style addition waiting for your approval.

Brushed Rose Gold 21

Brushed Rose Gold adds a rustic element to any bathroom or kitchen space. Like a modernised version of a New York warehouse, these Brushed Rose Gold fittings will create a centerpiece to your space.

Gunmetal 23

Our impressive Gunmetal finish offers a unique element of modern style to your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry. Gunmetal is the new Matt Black in terms of fashionable tapware and is guaranteed to impress with it’s sleek stylings.

Brushed Gunmetal 24

Brushed Gunmetal adds a stylish, modern element to any bathroom or kitchen space. Our Brushed Gunmetal option is guaranteed to turn heads and provide your home with a unique and contemporary centerpiece.

Brushed Nickel 25

This chic Brushed Nickel finish adds modern character and stylish edge to any bathroom, kitchen or laundry space. Perfectly complementing a range of bathroom and kitchen styles, Brushed Nickel is an excellent choice.

Black Sapphire 26

The perfect contrast to the perfect white space is the smooth and fresh Black Sapphire finish. This flawless modern look offers a serious flair to your bathroom, laundry or kitchen.

Satin Pearl 27

With unique colouring like no other product available, Satin Pearl tapware and fittings add subtle, yet distinguishing features to kitchens, bathrooms or laundries of any colour combinations.

White 28

Classic and modern. Our White powder coated finish adds an element of purity to any home renovation. To add immediate style to any bathroom, laundry, or kitchen renovation, White is the solution you have been searching for.

Ivory 29

Elegant and classy, our contemporary classic Ivory finish is the perfect option for any renovation. The powder coated Ivory contrasts against darker colours in any room

Midnight Black 32

If you are looking to contrast a white room, or find the perfect blend for a black backdrop, the Midnight Black option certainly delivers. The perfect final touch to your hard work, Midnight Black tapware adds serious bravura.

Matt White 33

This design offers a pure element of sophistication, as well as a modern edge to any drab room. The Matt White finish is guaranteed to provide a touch of superiority to any laundry, bathroom, or kitchen.

Matt Black 34

Matt Black offers a truly unique and sophisticated option for your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry renovation or build. Delivering a modern edge, Matt Black sets the standard high.

Brass Gold 38

This Brass Gold N18 option is a lighter coloured option than most other Gold fittings. It allows your room to be the focus of the build or renovation with subtle gold fittings. Quickly becoming the most popular finish available, Brass Gold N18 is a must-have element.

Antique Bronze 39

A unique finish that stands the test of time, if you are looking or an antique finish to match your latest renovations, our Antique Bronze taps and fittings are the perfect fit. The unique electroplated finish gives an aged appearance and ensures no two pieces will ever look the same.

Rumbled Brass 40

Like stepping into an antique castle, Rumbled Brass adds a unique touch to your taps and fittings. This design is both durable and beautiful, untreated, textured and organic. Evolving over time in a patina style, this finish is truly alive.

Brushed Brass 41

This modern stylish Brushed Brass finish adds charm and a contemporary edge to any bathroom, kitchen or laundry build. Perfectly balanced between modern and classic, these Brushed Brass fittings are the ultimate tapware choice.

Brushed Copper 42

The classic Brushed Copper option creates a rustic element to any room. Durable and timelessly beautiful, Brushed Copper is the finish to set your bathroom or kitchen apart from the rest.

Brass 43

Brass finished tapware is the real substrate which are lightly polished to offer an ever-changing element to your bathroom renovation of kitchen build. Creating a classic feature point in every space, Brass is a living, changing element you will absolutely love and not an imitation finish others try and replicate.

Antique Copper 44

A visually softer finish than traditional copper, Brushed Copper is less reflective but offers a sense of luxury to highlight any design project. A modern take on the traditional, Brushed Copper perfectly pairs with tiles and timber in any shade or colour.

Native Brass 45

Native Brass is a timeless, subtle, natural finish that delivers delicate sophistication to any room. Native Brass finish is an aged brass, available in dark and brown-gold tones. Finished in-house, Native Brass ages naturally and sets the mood for any room.

Luminick 47

Luminick is a visually striking and durable finish which adds a touch of elegance to a space. This finish has a smooth, polished texture that reflects light beautifully, giving the metal a shiny and bright appearance. The reflective quality of Luminick finish creates a sense of depth and dimensionality, making the object look more substantial and well-crafted.

Copper 48

Classic Copper finishes truly complement any new or renovated kitchen or bathroom space. Durable and ever evolving, a Copper finish can be left to mature naturally, or polished regularly to create spectacular sheen that will make your bathroom or kitchen stand out.

Burnished 52

Defining urban design and modern architecture, Burnished offers an innovative and unique option to complement a variety of construction materials like stone, concrete, marble or steel. The sheen of burnished steel offers character to any space that needs a facelift.

Volcanic Grey 54

Volcanic Grey adds a level of modern edge to the style and sophistication your kitchen, bathroom or laundry. Volcanic Grey accessories match well with both light and dark colours and will bring any room to life.

Matt Gold 56

Matt gold tapware is classy and stunning, with a stylish edge that is the perfect addition to any vanity, sink or bath

Matt Nickel 57

A classic design, the satin pearl nickel taps are timeless and bring a touch of elegance to your home. Turns drab into fab.

Lime Green 58

Transform your home with a touch of green. This tap finish, available in Gloss, is innovative and specifically designed to stand out and enhance the look of your home’s interior.

Sienna Red 59

Like a glass of fine red wine, these Sienna Red fittings look great in any setting. Adding a delicious flavour to both dark and light spaces, these fittings are the touch of elegance and sophistication you’ve been looking for, adding a Heritage Finish to your room.

Victoria Green 60

A soft lovable colour that makes everything happy. Calming yet playful this would make an impact in your bathroom.

Apricot 61

Apricot In its meaning, is associated with energy, cheerfulness, activity, fire and warmth. It also stimulates action rather than contemplation, promotion actions and events over thinking and contemplations. In contrast to yellow, lighter variations of orange do not produce a sense of relaxation, and can be seen by many as rather dull.

Blush Pink 62

A soft lovable colour that makes everything happy. Calming, yet playful this would make an impact in your bathroom.

Giallo 63

As the name suggest, Giallo is soft, warm colour but can be intense like being outdoors on a sunny day.

Lagoon Blue 64

A tranquil and calming colour, Lagoon Blue can we added to make any bathroom a statement.

Tangerine 65

Tangerine is a bold, saturated orange shade that marries the fierceness of red and the cheerfulness of yellow. It is also a beautiful accent when used in conjunction with neutrals such as greys and creams, which are considered to be more conservative and elegant.

Rosso 66

Rosso is seen as a colour of love, primarily used during two of the biggest holidays of each year, Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Rosso will make a statement in any area.

Vintage Brass 67

This finish takes the natural brass tones and we complete this look with an internal technique that gives this finish its almost brushed cues of the darkened highlights on this unique brass finish.

Autumn Bronze 68

Autumn bronze brings you the warm bronze tones together with an in-house developed coating that makes this finish extremely durable. Our team captures the highlights of this finish and bonds it all together to give this finish a real glow.