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Bell Spa Set Wall Swivel Ceramic Disc

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Par Taps offers many more finishes and customisation
options than what has been shown.


A soft lovable colour that makes everything happy. Calming, yet playful this would make an impact in your bathroom.

Important Finish Information:

This notice applies to the following finishes:


  • Antique Bronze • Native Brass • Burnished • Antique Copper • Brushed Copper • Copper • Vintage Brass • Rumbled Brass • Raw Brass • Brushed Brass

These are hand crafted inhouse with a chemical induced “Living” finish or as an uncoated “Natural” brass. The chemical process used in our “Living” finishes creates a colour tone as the one selected. This process is individually applied to each component and will alter, if not immediately, then over time. The infinite variation of colour and hue is a result of the raw brass composition as well as the craftsman who applies the distinctive technique to achieve this end result, remembering substantial varying results will occur.


This is not a flaw of the finish, or the end product, just the unique traits of these colours.


For “Natural” finishes such as Brass, Rumbled, and Brushed Brass, these are uncoated finishes, and the “Natural” attributes will vary from earthly browns to misty green/grey tones. This demonstrates the “Natural” stages of the patina effect; however one can polish the components to restore a level of originality.


All these colours are suited to those who appreciate the uniqueness in bespoke artisanal finishes.


Par Taps takes no responsibility for the alteration to the finish from the delivery, installation, or post installation stages.


If you have selected one of these finishes and agree with the above statements, please click here to digitally sign our Finish disclosure form to proceed with your request.